The Story behind Beaumont Care’s Philosophy – “Our residents are special and our personnel, key”

Linda Beaumont writes:

We were looking for a statement that said exactly how we feel about our residents, and our personnel.

We understood that most of our residents have a range of single, dual and multiple health care diagnoses, and can be socially and financially disadvantaged.   We know that many residents have disabilities including mobility and cognitive and, therefore, require care at the highest level, throughout their life journey.

To care for residents with such a diverse range of health and social needs, takes a particular type of individual.   Beaumont Care engages men and women who are extraordinary, who treat the residents with the utmost respect, who value and preserve their dignity, and enhance their day to day living, with not only the best available care but also with consideration, love and laughter.

Without this Team of dedicated men and women, the caring environment which we promote and succeed in, would not be possible.  Residents’ lives are enriched daily by our dedicated Team, and without question, are the key to our success.


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