NEWSLETTER – April, 2015


During April, we have all had the opportunity to celebrate the wonderful men and women who fought in World War One, many of whom gave their lives in a battle at ANZAC Cove which, sadly, they had no chance of winning.   A number of our residents have seen war service too.   We must show them how much we really appreciate the hard-won freedom and opportunities that they have won for us.   We owe a debt of gratitude to these folk and must never forget.

Stay Well Tips

It is a refreshing change to have some cooler weather after the very, very, long, hot and humid summer which seemed to be endless.   The sudden change in the weather seems to have brought with it some nasty bugs which have laid a number of staff and residents ‘low’.

We have paid for our staff to get the ‘flu shot’ to ensure that they are unlikely to get sick and infect our residents – or be absent from work when our residents rely on them for care and support.

Good food, good sleep and good rest relaxation will also help ‘beat the bugs’.   Enjoy the warm winter soups, curries, casseroles and stews.   Go to bed early and do some light exercise to keep fit.

Many of our residents who, because of their age and chronic health conditions, are very vulnerable to the flu and other infection, have also been given the flu shot.    Please remember, if you are a family member and/or visitor, do not visit if you have any symptoms of the flu.   The most infectious time is usually when the first symptoms (sore throat, snuffy nose) are felt, so please stay home and recover.  Infections are not for sharing.


Sadly, we have said ‘goodbye’ to a number of our longer term residents over the past months.  We will sorely miss these treasured folk who will live long in our hearts and memories and share the sadness of their families and friends.


A big welcome to our new residents and families.

The experience of entering aged care can be daunting and Beaumont Care tries hard to make this experience as ‘easy’ as possible.   To this end, we have our wonderful Placement Coordinator, Colleen Noble, and our fabulous Pastoral Carer, Julie Howard, who both work closely with staff at our local Homes to provide a sincere welcome to all.

We are always seeking opportunities to improve our processes around entry and welcomes and would appreciate your feedback as to how this can be done better.   Please do not hesitate to provide this feedback to Colleen, Julie and/or the local Service Manager.

Enrica Garioli has joined our Team as the Service Manager of Redcliffe Aged Care Service following Anna Blyde’s resignation in February.

Enrica has had an impressive and comprehensive career including working as a Quality Facilitator, an Infection Control Coordinator, a Nurse Consultant, an Educator and a Manager of several residential aged care services.   Enrica has in infectious enthusiasm and a real passion for ensuring that residents receive the very best care possible and we are very pleased to have her on our Team.


Peninsula Aged Care Service, Kippa-ring, achieved three years accreditation in February, 2015.   What a wonderful achievement and Shawn and his Team deserve lots of accolades and congratulations!    It is not easy to meet all 44 outcomes and to ensure that every “I” is dotted and every “t” is crossed.   The Auditors were very particular and really has us under the hammer for two days and were relentless in ensuring that we could demonstrate that residents received the care they required.

A presentation of the Accreditation Certificate will be conducted on 13th May at 2pm.  Residents and families are welcome to celebrate with us.   Afterall, you too are key to our success.

Plans afoot for Beaumont Care

We are currently seeking quotations from Companies which can assist us to refurbish our Kippa-ring and Rothwell Homes and are hoping to commence the refurbishments no later than July this year.

Some of our plans include replacement of the nurse-call system to enhance response times to buzzers, new hallway and bedroom vinyl, creation of additional storage and private spaces and division of some of our four-bed rooms to two-bed rooms with ensuites.  We are hoping to greatly improve access to toilets for our residents.  If you have other suggestions which you would like considered, please let your local Service Manager know your ideas by end of June.

The refurbishment at Rothwell will be less extensive than for Kippa-ring because we are hoping to construct a new, specifically designed Home for people with dementia in the not too distant future.   We will also be creating at least one room which can accommodate residents who are bariatric and who need specific equipment to ensure that care can be provided safely.

During the refurbishments, there will likely be the necessity to displace some residents to other areas of the Homes, or in the case of Rothwell, perhaps to Kippa-ring, so that refurbishment work can progress quickly to minimize disruption of the residents’ living spaces.   We ask for your understanding and patience when this occurs.

We are also considering what we can do to refurbish our Clontarf Home and require ideas from residents, staff and families so step up and have your say and let Enrica know how we can make your Home better.

Wamuran Park Home

As many of you know, we had plans to commence building an 80 bed Home at Wamuran in 2015.   Our plans have changed and we have decided to concentrate on improving the living conditions of our Homes on the Redcliffe Peninsula before progressing with building Wamuran.   We are not sure when the building will commence but are still committed to providing this resource to the Wamuran community and surrounds.

 Beaumont Care Academy

Beaumont Care has been approached by Kelly Colleges and Community Care Co to form an Academy which will provide quality training to our staff and others in the community who are wishing to access excellent training.   This training will be provided on the Peninsula, most at one of Beaumont Care’s Homes to make the training readily accessible for our staff.  Approximately 70 of our staff have completed a Certificate 1V in Mental Health via this partnership and have been thrilled with their enhancement in knowledge and competence.   A Graduation Ceremony will be conducted in May to celebrate the wonderful achievement of these staff.

A formal launch of the Academy is planned for May and we are super excited about the opportunities this will afford our staff, including access to psychological support for times of personal stress.    Psychological support will also be available for our residents, some of whom have experienced this beneficial support over the past twelve months.

Music Composition

Beaumont Care continues to link with the young Composer, Cyrus Meurant, who has been engaged to write some music specifically for persons with dementia.   Cyrus is a gifted musician and composer and is thrilled to be working with Beaumont Care.   Now that the majority of his commitments have wound up, he is planning to conduct a Concert of music which he has composed, for our residents, featuring him playing the piano, synth, violin and assisted by a colleague playing a saxophone.

Community Care Services

Beaumont Care is providing community care services to support those persons who choose to stay living at home.

These are not the traditional community services.   These are tailored to meet the choices of older persons and focus on providing care and support on the day and at the time which best suits the person.   Numerous services are available including spring cleaning, window cleaning, gardening, carpet shampooing, curtain washing and ironing plus meal preparation, house cleaning, massages, podiatry, shopping and other outings.   A number of these services are not available from other community care providers but Beaumont Care recognizes that, for older persons to live happily and comfortably at home, a variety of services need to be provided.

One of our clients who receives a weekly massage, has told us that he has not had so much movement in his arms for about twenty years.  The Doctors had told him that nothing could be done for him, but massage has not only increased his arm movements but also relieved a lot of his discomfort.   Not bad for someone who is in his nineties!!

A Brochure is available for anyone who is interested in these community services or you can call Colleen on 0499 779 877.

Day Respite

Beaumont Care welcomes folk who live in the community to come into our Homes if their Carers need a break from the caring role.   These folk are able to join in the planned activities and have meals at our Homes while their Carers can be assured that they are safe and looked after well.

This service is particularly helpful for working Carers many of whom leave home early and return back home late, and require a caring service to look after their loved ones while they are absent.   A pick-up and drop-off service can also be provided as can assistance with hygiene care at Day Respite.   If you know of someone who may need assistance, please let them know that Beaumont Care is here to help.   Colleen is available to take calls and to answer any questions – 0499 779 877.

Beaumont Care Website

I wonder if you have had a chance to visit the Beaumont Care Website at

We are always seeking feedback from our residents, families, friends and staff about how we can improve our Website and the information which would be helpful to you and others to have on our Website.     Please let us know what you think and/or your recommendations by either writing a note to your local Manager and/or letting our staff know.   We would like to have the best Website in the business and need your help to make this happen.

Kind regards,