Welcome to Beaumont Care!

Living in a Beaumont Care residence means a new door to life, to tenderness, sharing, independence, respect and empowerment.

Our personnel believe that each resident is special, individual, and important.

Beaumont Care is an Australian family owned and operated provider of aged care on the Peninsula at Kippa Ring, RedcliffeRothwell and Roslyn Lodge. We also provide supported accommodation at Wamuran Park Home, in rural Wamuran, for those who need assistance in daily living.

Our homes cater to high care, and to low care supported needs.

There is a special care home at Rothwell for residents who require secure, and fully sustained care.

The delivery of quality care is a priority for personnel working with us. They know that they are the key to extending the best possible experience of aged care to every resident, and peace of mind to families and friends.

Residents are encouraged to do likeable and meaningful activities, and to make decisions.

Residents have choices, and we support them to spend time with family and friends, establishing new, and maintaining long held relationships.

Features of Beaumont Care:

  • Each Beaumont Care facility has its own loyal, accessible, and experienced Director of Nursing
  • Activities programs engage residents in meaningful interactions, projects, adventures and fun;
  • Delicious Chef prepared meals based on menus approved by our Dietician;
  • We welcome resident’s pets into our home
  • Our staff Chaplain provides emotional and spiritual support for residents, families and personnel;
  • Happy hour!
  • Family support groups provide comfort, companionship and information to relatives;
  • Our staff Physiotherapist provides a consistent approach to improving the well-being of residents with mobility enhancement programs,
  • A Masseuse provides pampering, relaxation and comfort management therapies;
  • Visiting General Practitioners, Podiatrists, Speech Pathologists and Dieticians complement our team of excellent Registered and Enrolled Nurses and Care personnel, all of whom are the key to our success.
  • Beaumont Care welcomes residents who need access to a short stay for respite;
  • We provide facilities to cater for residents who choose to smoke;
  • Kind, compassionate palliative care for residents who choose to remain in their home –  our home, while supporting families and friends.  Our Chaplain will be there.
  • Supportive, understanding care for residents with dementia and special needs, to minimize the challenges associated with loss of memory, and decision-making capacity.
  • A happy and jolly band of our very own domestic, maintenance and clerical personnel, working with us, while adding so much to the lives of those they interact with each day.