Why the Beaumont Care Balloon?

This was a big decision.  We as a Team, were challenged with developing something that said who we are as a business, while wanting to engage and be noticed. Primarily we wanted to portray ourselves as fun Homes, where engagement and enjoyment possibilities were limitless.  Where our present and future clients would read a sense of adventure and would be happy to be in our ‘basket’, flying high with the big and colourful balloon.  We like to say we are all one Team in the basket!

We have used the logo on promotional material, which is distinguishable for its colour, and it’s unusual association with aged care.  Our clients have all led exciting and fulfilled lives.  Coming into aged care does not need to be an exception to these exciting, fulfilled lives, just an extension and celebration of their lives.  At Beaumont Care, we are all about enjoying and celebrating life – clients, families and staff.

Versatility of the balloon has endured, we use it on more formal and less formal documentation, and it is definitely incorporated into our World Voyaging offerings of accompanied holidays, and it is displayed on our ‘outings’ coach which travels all over the Redcliffe Peninsula – and beyond on exciting mystery trips.

We are progressive and growing, and opportunities abound for staff and clients.

Our balloon depicts who we are, where we want to be and what we wish to offer, knowing that the ‘sky’s the limit’.

If you are an older person (living at Home or wanting to live with us in our Homes) and seeking fulfilment and  adventure with a caring, supportive Company, contact

Colleen on 0499 779 877.


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