Thank you to the staff at Rothwell

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every care giver and member of staff who has cared for Dad over the past months. You have truly been a part of miracle in restoring Dad’s health to the level you have. You have brought him back from the ‘dead and beyond’. I never thought I would ever be able to hold a proper conversation with my Dad ever again but you have given that back to me and more the point you given that back to Dad.

From the very beginning, your service, care and support, not just to Dad, but also to me and Russ, my brother David and to Darren has been over and beyond anything I ever could have hoped for and certainly MUCH more than I know you are paid for!

From the first contact (after Rosemary at the Redcliffe hospital) organised for me to contact Colleen – Colleen was so very accommodating, helpful, supportive and informative. She even physically took me in her own car to see your wonderful facility. Colleen prepared me for the reality of a secured unit which can I say, once I saw your facility, was so much better than I could ever imagine. (YES I had images from ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’)

AND then even was so helpful with the whole administrative aspect of the whole situation … (& thanks to the financial staff as well)

AND then we meet the staff at Rothwell – (well after Rocky the dog – WHICH was just so exceptionally wonderful!) and what can I say…

First to Alice – who is such an incredible caring supportive and knowledgeable professional. You helped us get Dad settled and also ‘settled us’ into the this new world.

Your first hand support and care was so wonderful and the professional ‘handover’ to Jeannette – was great. You really saw the ‘past’ and present George and so very respectfully but honestly “told it like it is” and always wanted Dad to be the best he could be today and tomorrow. THANK YOU also for recognising when Dad needed ‘something else’ and helped us to get that happening…. A true example of putting your residents first!

AND thank you Jeanette for all your care and effort with working with Dad and us while Alice was away. You have been such a great support, keeping us fully informed and organising the meetings and care plans AND helping us work through Dad’s cigarette needs; not to mention the detailed and extensive report you prepared for me to take to the tribunal. Please know, I do know and understand the extra work that put on you – and we do so very much appreciate it.

To Cheryl who has been so supportive and responsive and organised Dad to be on the ciggie roster and answered my emails and questions … THANK YOU…

Anne, I know how much Dad enjoyed your chats – and not just because you ‘lit his ciggies’! You always spoke to him as a real person and in such a supportive way.

(I really will need to find new words! How many times can you say ‘supportive’!)

Rodger – You really saw the man Dad was in his past. You went out of your way to also think out of the box and find ways to help Dad engage with people. THANK YOU for noting and suggesting it might be Dad’s building and construction history that may help him be more engaged.. Not to mention your wonderful BBQ lunches we enjoyed prepared with Anne’s (& others) help!

Those ‘simple’ (but not really just simple!) BBQ lunches were excellent! I still remember Dad’s first one. The day he ate 2 plates and 2 deserts after being in a ‘food refusal’ mindset … well I just breathed a sigh of relief! AND being able to share that with him was, honestly, magical and such a relief.

To Dad’s key RN –I do KNOW you were one of the people who took such good medical care of him AND also reminded him about the importance of showering! – THANK YOU for the care you gave Dad

To Dr Chris Brookes – Wow. What an exceptional Doctor you are AND such an exceptional advocate for Dad. I so recognised and appreciated your medical professional advice and opinion. Even more than that – I am appreciative and impressed by your open, honest, direct communication with Dad. Not to mention your sense of humour and humanity AND the quick history lesson on ‘kippers’ – THANK YOU ….

Also Janelle, the massage therapist AND ALL the other care staff – THANK YOU. Each of you of have been exceptional! –

To the kitchen staff — thank you for letting Dad be in your area. AND thank you for the wonderful German food day you helped organise.

To the laundry staff – thank you for your daily care. And by already labelling all of dad’s clothes YOU have helped his re-settlement into his new place be so much easier! (The ‘laundry staff’ at the new place was so relieved and happy to see all his clothes were already labelled!)

Each and every time we have been up each of you have been so friendly, happy and helpful. Thank you thank you thank you….

And so there is not much more to say – except….. thank you again. If I have missed anyone by name I am so very sorry…

To each and all of you please know. We know how you took in a man who was in a pretty bad way.

It is a credit to each of you as to how far he has recovered.

Your time, effort, care, professional expertise is very noted and acknowledged. There are no words to really express how incredibly grateful we are.

With the warmest regards


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