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Beaumont Care Redcliffe

” I started working as an AIN with Beaumont Care over six months ago. Their philosophy drew me immediately with its simplicity – Our residents are special, and our personnel key. That spoke to me that the residents within the Beaumont family are our immediate focus and also that myself, as a staff member, would be valued as an integral part of a very important role we do as carers.

The training that Beaumont provide to staff is amazing. Their commitment to ensuring their staff are the very best they can be is a credit to the company. I have not only had many opportunities to attend training sessions but also been made to feel comfortable to ‘stick my hand up’ for any areas where I felt I needed additional assistance. I have felt totally valued in the role that I play at Beaumont Redcliffe both by our wonderful residents but also my fellow staff members. What a wonderful crew of people!

Beaumont’s commitment to its employees from training, to monthly and yearly employee awards, to an open door policy with peers to plain out caring about us is exceptional. I have worked in a family owned business before and when I found out that Beaumont Care was owned and operated privately I was hoping this would mirror what my experience has found to be – a compassionate and sensible passion to not be the biggest but the very best at what they do. Beaumont has exceeded my expectations in this regard. It’s a privilege to be part of the team and, I never thought I’d hear myself say this, I love coming to work!! “