Seek and you will find, knock and the door will open, ask and you will receive wonderful care at Beaumont Care Peninsula.

Hi to all Peninsula Aged Care Residents and Families hope you are all well. We would like to share with you our introduction to Peninsula Aged Care. Our Dad Albert 97 on 31st March entered your home in August. From the time we entered the front door the care, compassion and kindness shown by all your wonderful staff was overwhelming and new friendships were made. We find no faults in care and would gladly pass on this information to anyone seeking care for a loved one.

When Dad entered the home my brother Arthur who has lived with him all his life became confused as to why he couldn’t live with him or stay in their home. He came to live with my husband Jim, Chilli our dog and myself and, although he seemed happy something was missing. Then one day while at Peninsula we discussed Arthur doing some volunteer work. Well let me tell you from day one his life changed everyone gave him support, kindness, understanding and confidence. The smile soon returned he felt he was needed and loves to give help to those in need and now has a purpose in life.

My special thanks to Shawn, Jeanette, Colleen, Collette, Julie, Shona, Christina, Des and everyone at Peninsula. I would like to share one moment with you when Arthur said to me “Shawn wants to see me later and has something for me.” He was presented with a Beaumont shirt. All he could say was I didn’t know I would get a shirt now I’m like the other team members. Later that day everyone at Kipparing shopping centre know about the shirt. He looks forward to going to the home and giving help where necessary and, of course, don’t forget putting up the flag. What a change to his well-being. Thank you everyone involved. I have a little verse from Our most important book for people needing help, ‘seek and you will find, knock and the door will open, ask and you will receive wonderful care at Beaumont Peninsula. Your friend Jillian.

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