Kippa Ring – Full Of Fun Activities


Residents enjoyed a game of lawn bowls in the garden area. Seated in chairs, residents sat safely as they competed with one another to see who could win the prize. Some healthy competition was generated as was lots of fun and laughter – and a healthy thirst and appetite.

Bingo Kippa Ring

Bingo with Bruce exemplifies Beaumont Care’s Philosophy – “Our residents are special and our personnel, key”. Bruce, one of our very active residents, runs the bingo session on a Tuesday afternoon. Bruce has a great sense of accomplishment while running these sessions and really looks forward to assisting residents win prizes.

Lifestyle staff often encourage residents – Bruce and Ivan to set the table for dinner, giving each of them a real sense of purpose and accomplishment. Bruce also sets the breakfast table and hands out the food covers. Lifestyle staff will continue to encourage Bruce’s independence as he helps with the running of his home.

Pumpkin Scones Kippa Ring

Our gorgeous resident Pat is making a delicious batch of Flo Bjelke-Petersen’s famous pumpkin scones.

Pumpkin Scones Kippa Ring

Resident, Ivan also helped Pat out with the cooking of the pumpkin scones, proudly presenting them ready for the oven. Fellow residents enjoyed these delicacies with jam and cream and lots of lip-smacking was heard.

Pumpkin Scones Kippa Ring


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