White Ridge Farm
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White Ridge Farm

We had the fun of going to a real farm that had recently opened to the public. They had so many different animals…goats, chickens, horses, cows, llamas…even a camel!

You are given a cup of feed when you come in and the residents were very excited about feeding all the different animals.

White Ridge Farm

One of the owners offered to take our group around the farm to meet and feed the animals, which they loved! (The residents AND the animals)

They had a covered area with tables and chairs, a fridge, and a sink to wash your hands – which made things so much easier for having a cuppa!

There was even a playground with a car made out of metal poles…which one of our residents enjoyed having a go on!

Overall, the trip was loved by all! …Can’t wait till the next time we get to go!


Story by Heather MacMillan Photos by Trudy Smith.