Wamuran Residents Take To The Country

A quiet drive in the country was the theme for our bus trip today. While driver and carer caught up on what’s happening, the residents enjoyed the music on the radio, viewing the nice green country side.

Wamuran Residents Take To The Country

We found ourselves a table- a drink and piece of cake and crackers followed by a lovely quiet walk around a lake for Allan Coye, Russell Schweikert, Jonathan Godwin and Janice the bus driver. Barb Callum decided to look around for some interesting things to collect to remember her trip.

Wamuran Residents Take To The Country

We then travelled along the 4 back roads of Kilcoy looking at the current condition of the livestock. A relaxing trip for all.

By Helen Linwood, Carer Wamuran Park Home. Pictures: 1st and 2nd picture are of the beautiful scenic landscape around Kilcoy we spotted on our lovely drive, 3rd picture is of the lovely lake we walked around and had our morning tea.


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