Newsletter – August, 2015

A word from Jeanette Evans – General Manager

Winter is in full force and we are experiencing some ‘interesting’ weather conditions – from warm, sunny days to fairly widespread frost and snow in our granite belt.   Hopefully these cold snap conditions result in good crops for us in Spring and Summer.

With the strange changes in the temperature, it is vital that our residents (and staff) keep warm, especially your feet, and as much as possible, keep out of drafts and shelter from the wind.  Lots of hot drinks, stews and casseroles are an ideal way for winter warm up, so put your orders in to Chef and the Catering Staff.

Update on Plans for Beaumont Care

We were hoping to commence refurbishments to our Rothwell and Kippa-ring homes no later than July this year, however we are still negotiating the final plans and to identify the best building company, plus finances from the bank.

Our plans still include replacement of the nurse-call, new hallway and bedroom vinyl, creation of additional storage and private spaces and division of some of our four-bed rooms to two-bed rooms with ensuites.  Our plans to improve access to toilets for our residents are resolute.  Just a reminder that if you have other suggestions which you would like considered, please let your local Service Manager know your ideas.  Afterall, this is your Home.

As I advised previously, during the refurbishments, there will likely be the necessity to displace some residents to other areas of the Homes, or in the case of Rothwell, perhaps to Kippa-ring, so that refurbishment work can progress quickly to minimize disruption of the residents’ living spaces.   Residents who are displaced for a short period of time, will return to their original Home and room, unless their room design changes to offer greater amenity and/or they choose not to do so.

Our plans to refurbish our Clontarf Home remain and we still require ideas from residents, staff and families.  Please let Enrica know how we can improve your Home.

Beaumont Care’s Philosophy

Beaumont Care’s Philosophy “Our residents are special and our Personnel key” provides direction for management regarding the actions which must be prioritized to ensure that this Philosophy is upheld and celebrated.

The planned refurbishments of our three Homes, emanates from our Philosophy that ‘our residents are special’ as does our purchase of the Beaumont Care Bus and our continual search to identify interesting activities which our residents enjoy.

Lately, we have forged ahead with joint activities across our 3 Homes including a Men’s Group where ‘secret men’s business’ is high on the agenda and no ‘girls’ are allowed.   Visits by local schoolchildren have also been enjoyed by residents as has a recent visit to a ‘farm fest’.   Beauty therapy students visited our residents at Peninsula Aged Care Service, providing welcome massages and manicures for residents, family members and staff.  My how the ladies enjoyed this special treatment.  The students will visit residents living at our Clontarf Home later on in the year.   Dancers, Singers and Artists visit to engage residents in activities which are good for the heart and soul.

Some residents have arranged their own activities, supported by our Lifestyle staff.  These included an Avon Party and making gnocchi which was so delicious that it was gobbled up as soon as it was cooked.

Two bus trips over two days will be scheduled for both our Clontarf and Kippa-ring Homes from August.   This will give our residents choice and support joint activities to venues of interest and appeal.  Two outings on Thursday will continue for our Rothwell residents – unless a longer trip is arranged when one outing will occur.  Our Bus will likely be seen running to and fro quite a bit from August.

Some fabulous activities are planned for Ekka week – Show bags, brass band, fairy floss with competitions and raffles with prizes to be won.  A fashion show will also provide an opportunity for our residents to buy some ‘glad rags’.

Beaumont Care has also supported Shawn, Service Manager at Kippa-ring, and Trudy, Lifestyle Coordinator at Clontarf, to attend a Workshop relating to applying Montessori principles in supporting the elderly.  They will share their knowledge with the other Lifestyle staff and we look forward to them applying their skills to more and more exciting activities for our residents.

We are always looking for Volunteers who are willing to enhance our residents’ lives with their wonderful skills and personalities.   More Volunteers means that more of our residents can experience outings and activities which, without this support, they may not be able to enjoy.   We ensure that our Volunteers receive training and support including meals, to fully undertake their invaluable roles and endeavour to include them in activities of interest to them.  Please let Alice, Enrica or Shawn know if you can volunteer any time to support our residents.

We offer a broad range of support services for our residents and can also offer ‘extras’ for residents who wish to purchase ‘premium’ services, support and activities.   These may include a special outing; escort to medical appointments; supply of flowers, wi-fi access, magazines, newspapers; massages; extensive exercise programs; support for family events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations; and special meals such as lamb cutlets and/or salmon etc.   Our residents’ wishes are our commands.

We welcome relatives and friends to share a meal with our residents and willingly provide meals to share in an intimate space if this is desired.  Our suppliers have increased their prices and we now have to raise our prices for meals purchased by guests to $7.50 per meal from 1st August.   A typical meal may be a roast with all of the trimmings plus a dessert – or soup, sandwiches and dessert.  Please let the administration staff know early if you wish to purchase a meal when you are visiting your loved one so that we can put a meal aside for you.

Further support for our residents and in recognition that our personnel are key to optimum resident care, in June, we hosted an exciting evening to launch Beaumont Care’s Academy.  We realize that, for our staff to be able to provide ‘special’ care for our residents, we must be committed to providing quality training for them.   This training will be provided on the Redcliffe Peninsula, most will be conducted at one of Beaumont Care’s Homes to make the training readily accessible for our staff.

During this evening we acknowledged the achievements of 59 of our staff who had achieved a Certificate 1V in Mental Health.   Ian and Linda Beaumont hosted the event and celebrated with staff and their families who could not have been more proud.   It was fabulous to see our staff ‘dressed up to the nines’ and looking so happy.

Collette, our Education Officer, is progressing a number of courses which will be beneficial to our staff including the Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled Nurse) and a Certificate 1V in Frontline Management to enskill staff who take on leadership roles in Beaumont Care.

Ian and Linda also recognize staff who have contributed a number of years of service to the Homes and in early June, celebrated 30 years of service with Linda Buchanan, a hospitality staff member at Kippa-ring.   A number of staff received ‘years of service awards’ at a dinner to which their partners were invited and where they were given a Certificate of Service plus a monetary reward.

The evening was also a great opportunity to recognize Beaumont Care’s Nurse of the Year – Antonia (Toni) Evans who is the Clinical Manager at Rothwell.   Toni’s nomination was forwarded by staff who work at Rothwell and by Alice, the Service Manager.  Some comments about Toni:

  • Antonia Evans commences her shifts at 6am to provide support to the night staff and to maintain continuity of resident care.
  • Antonia Evans attends handovers to provide support & guidance to our staff.
  • During her shifts, Antonia Evans works on the floor alongside the staff using every opportunity to enskill staff in all areas of clinical and care management, along with team building. She is rarely seen in her office. Antonia Evans uses incidents of deficits to educate staff and involve staff in identifying cause and encourages the team to identify solutions.
  • At all times, Antonia Evans promotes a team culture and working together to identify strategies, solutions & opportunities to improve practice and care outcomes for the residents of Rothwell and the team.
  • Along with the support of management, Antonia Evans encourages & offers staff opportunities for individual responsibilities and professional development.
  • ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­When one sits & listens to the environment of Rothwell, the norm these days, despite catering for many persons with dementia, is a very quiet & settled atmosphere. Laughter, conversation and activity are very evident in the Rothwell setting.
  • Families have become very involved in the care and the ‘community’ of Rothwell. Many a time, laughter & tears are shared by family members. Families comment about the friendliness, care & rapport the staff have with the residents. All this has been achieved through the leadership, role modelling and commitment of our Clinical Manager.
  • Antonia Evans is very much the staunch advocate for the residents and will stand her ground e.g when  Ambulance or Hospital staff question the need for a resident to be admitted & require medical intervention.
  • Antonia Evans’s ultimate desire! Antonia Evans tells the Rothwell staff that when the family leave the Home, they must know in their hearts that their loved one is being well cared for.  They can leave with a peace of mind.
  • Antonia Evans has given many very long hours of her personal time to progress Rothwell forward.

I am sure that you will agree that Toni is a worthy recipient of the Nurse of the Year trophy, 2015 and generous financial reward from Ian and Linda.

A hearty thank you to all residents and staff who also nominated Nurses from our other Homes – Sue Stace, Nick Hill, Colleen Delbridge, Jade MacDonald and Helen Ritchie.

Beaumont Care is fortunate to have such highly regarded staff on the Team.

We have also received a wonderful tribute for our Pastoral Carer, Julie Howard – from one of our residents who is an ex-Baptist Pastor:

I would like to add my voice and pay a tribute to Julie Howard. She was not the usual “Clergyman” but adopted the twin roles of Jazzy the clown and minister of the gospel with great effect.  The day of my arrival as a resident, Julie was in the foyer.  She greeted me with a warm embrace and, knowing I was a Baptist minister, she said “Ron, I want you on my team!”  As a community we are greatly blessed to have the encouragement of Ian and Linda Beaumont in the spiritual welfare of the residents.  Thank you. This is a great accolade and from a former Minister who is very capable of sorting out the ‘sheep from the goats’.

Julie offers endless support for staff and residents and families/friends, so much so, that many families have requested her to officiate in memorial services for their loved ones.  Julie’s selfless approach is greatly appreciated by all at Beaumont Care.

Community Care Services

A reminder that Beaumont Care is able to provide community care services to support those persons who choose to stay living at home.

These are not the traditional community services.   They are tailored to meet the choices of older persons and focus on providing care and support on the day and at the time which best suits the person.   Numerous services are available including spring cleaning, window cleaning, gardening, carpet shampooing, curtain washing and ironing plus meal preparation, house cleaning, massages, podiatry, shopping and other outings.   A number of these services are not available from other community care providers but Beaumont Care recognizes that, for older persons to live happily and comfortably at home, a variety of services need to be provided.

A Brochure is available for anyone who is interested in these community services and/or you can call Colleen on 0499 779 877.

Day Respite

Many persons ask what is ‘respite’, as it applies to offering care for a person.   Respite is aimed at giving the Carer (wife, husband, partner, niece, nephew, son, daughter, friend, neighbour) a break from the caring role so that Carers can re-charge their batteries and have some ‘time out’.   Let’s face it, none of us can work 24 hours/day, 7 days/week but this is the requirement if one is the Carer for a frail, elderly person and/or for someone who needs a lot of support to live at home.   Carers are invaluable in their role of supporting those in need and Beaumont Care wishes to support these wonderful people who are often the unsung heroes/heroines in our community.

Please remember that Beaumont Care welcomes folk who live in the community to come into our Homes if their Carers need a break.   These folk are able to join in the planned activities and have meals at our Homes while their Carers can be assured that they are safe and looked after well.  Shower, dressing and grooming assistance can also be provided.

This service is particularly helpful for working Carers, many of whom leave home early and return back home late, and require a caring service to look after their loved ones while they are absent.   A pick-up and drop-off service can also be arranged as can transport and escort to appointments.

In the near future, we are hoping to also provide Cottage Respite in a small house across from the Redcliffe Hospital.  Cottage Respite usually caters for a small number of persons who prefer a traditional ‘house/cottage’ as a venue for respite.  Activities arranged will include those which are the norm ‘at home’ – gardening, cooking, washing up, walks, watching TV, reading, napping, refreshments and showers.

If you know of someone who may need respite assistance, please let them know that Beaumont Care is here to help.

Colleen is available to take calls and to answer any questions – 0499 779 877.

Beaumont Care Website

A reminder to visit the Beaumont Care Website at www.beaumontcare.   There you will see photos of our staff who received Service Awards, Toni’s Nurse of the Year award and staff who received their Certificate 1V in Mental Health.

We are always seeking feedback from our residents, families, friends and staff about how we can improve our Website and the information which would be helpful to you and others to have on our Website.   Please let me know.

Kind regards,




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