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Multicultural themed days

We have celebrated Indian culture and Scottish culture this month.

In celebrating Indian culture, we listened to a speech on the culture of India. We also watched Priety and Ash’s wedding that was held in India.  The celebration was amazing with all the colours and traditional ceremonies.

The wedding DVD was so popular we had to arrange two viewing sessions to ensure that all interested residents could watch.

We also arranged several bedside viewings on the IPad for the residents who didn’t attend the event.

Tamara did a cooking session where the residents made a traditional Indian dessert (shengenda chikki).

Residents also made some amazing art (Indian mandalas) in the sensory sessions.

Our Scottish themed day was well-received by our residents.  We had the police bagpipes and drums come and perform for us. The feedback from the residents was very positive and we are in the process of searching for some pipe players to come and perform regularly.

We enjoyed scotch eggs and shortbread (traditional Scottish foods) for lunch and morning tea.

Residents also joined in a cooking class making short bread for the coffee club.