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Jim Cragg Off To Toowoomba

Residents and staff at Roslyn Lodge today bid farewell to resident Jim Cragg who is leaving us tomorrow. Jim is moving closer to be with his children in Toowoomba and is excited to be going to an aged care facility he previously looked at moving into over 20 years ago! We held a special morning tea in his honour and many attended saying how much they valued Jim’s friendship, mateship and support.

Resident Frank O’Keefe commented that Jim had been “the nicest friend he has had since he moved in”. Also, resident Gerhard Bargen who sits next to Jim at the dining room table gave a speech on behalf of all the residents and wished Jim all the best on his new venture. Jim was given a gift and a card signed by all. Our best wishes go with you Jim.

Here are some nice photos for you:

Story by Natasha Erkkila, Diversional Therapist – Lifestyle