Inaugural “Maxi” Award

Wamuran Park Home has created a Perpetual Award, for “Outstanding Resident Achievement”, to honour Maxwell John Andrews, a resident of almost 11 years, who has contributed greatly to his home during this time.

Max made a commitment to later life alcohol abstinence, and has kept himself busy with a range of activities, primarily mowing large acreage, and maintaining the banks of the winding brook that runs through the property.

Max is a trustworthy, reliable man who has received the highest of compliments from maintenance personnel, contractors, management and staff and residents, who have lived and worked on the site over the years.

Max is a team player, typified by his bowling friends with whom he has enjoyed many years of competitive games and socialising. His previous work life has taken Max to many country areas where his “bushy” ways have endeared him to us all.

A congratulatory morning tea and award presentation was made to Max on 8th January 2015 in honour of his services and achievements as an exemplary resident at Wamuran Park Home.  Owners, staff, residents and friends were in attendance.

This special award will be presented in Max’s name over the many years to come.


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