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Happy Anniversary Beaumont Care North Tamborine

28th April sees 3 years since Beaumont Care became part of the beautiful Tamborine mountain community and we are so blessed to have such experienced and professional staff, loving families, volunteers and friends caring for all residents and each other at Roslyn Lodge.

The time goes by so quickly and we enjoy being part of the wider community and activities on the mountain more than you could know, and we look forward to many, many years together.

Our thanks must go to the continued support of businesses on and off the mountain providing services, goods and health care to residents and the home.

To our personnel, you are respected and admired for the work you do, and we appreciate you every day. To Kacey, Ben and the entire Beaumont Care Roslyn Lodge team – for your warm hearted care – a very happy anniversary from us all.

Story by CEO Peter Winterflood, Director Michael Goss, and Linda Beaumont.