Flower Arranging with the Peninsula Floral Art Group

I thought I would do a little reading up on the history of floral arranging.  It is thought the earliest known ‘flower arranging’ dates back as far as 2800BC in Egypt.  It developed further in Chinese, Roman, Greek, Byzantine and later European cultures.  Around the 18th century the “Language of Flowers” also developed with virtually every flower allocated some romantic symbol.  Messages could be sent by using flower arrangements particularly in the form of nosegays or the Tussy Mussy as it was called in England.  Many courtships were carried out almost solely by the sending of carefully selected blooms.

A style of flower design called the “New Art” replaced the Victorian style and quickly spread throughout the United States after the end of the First World War.  More and more interest in flower arranging developed and with that flower shows became very popular.  The floral arrangements we know today represent a combination of two basic styles and that is the European/New World style and the Oriental style.  European means ‘mass arrangements’ with large numbers of flowers with various rich colours in contrast to the Oriental style meaning simplistic, emphasizing lines.

Our folk here were introduced to flower arranging by the local Peninsula Floral Art Group.  For some this was reigniting and old passion but all who participated thoroughly enjoyed it – so much so it has now become a regular activity.  They are very proud of their achievements  as you will see by the photos.   The finished product is then displayed around the facility for all to appreciate.


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