Christmas Carols At Wamuran

On Saturday 17th December, Moreton Central Community Church Choir made their annual visit to the residents at Wamuran Park Home.  The choir came to sing them some festive Christmas carols.

Christmas Carols At Wamuran

Jean Willet at a spritely 99 years of age,  led the carols on her keyboard while her daughter Jeanette Willet to her left sang along. The residents loved swaying to the festive music and joining in singing along to the many Christmas carols. The ladies were dressed in the Christmas spirit with their red t-shirts and Santa hats.

From left to right the ladies are as follows: Margaret Lane, Astrid Bettifant, Jeanette Willet (Jeans daughter), Jean Willet (the spritely 99 year old keyboardist) and Gillian Davis.


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