Words of Wisdom

Word of wisdom from Pat Dowdle, at 107 years

From Pat Dowdle, at 107 years, and what she says of times like these.

….It takes her back to the early war times, when there was nobody around. It could be very boring and frightening back then. We had to use coupons for everything. You have got a lot of waiting to do, sit it out, you don’t live as much you exist during these times, you don’t have much choice, but you will learn from it. Take every day as it comes, you wake up and wonder what the day will bring in uncertain times. Keep your head strong and don’t let your thoughts get away from you. People worry about things they can’t do anything about, and it won’t help them. Keep positive and keep smiling.

Story by Shona Murray, Diversional Therapist – Peninsula Aged Care Service