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Several eager relatives met at Clarity Café last week when the first Support Group for Relatives was inaugurated at Rothwell Aged Care Service.

Established in collaboration with Beaumont Care’s Pastoral Carer, supported by a Psychologist who has been involved in the residents’ care and support, it is hoped that the Group members will form supportive friendships.

With the major focus of the Home on caring for persons with dementia, a well-known Consultant for best practice dementia care, will join the Group in the near future.

Over a cup of tea or coffee, relatives advised what they hoped to get out of being a member of the Group and discussed any issues for which they wanted answers.   Some shared their feelings of guilt and heartbreak at having to place a loved one into permanent aged care, providing an opening for further discussion of these feelings and the assurance that these are common feelings which need to be acknowledged and shared.

The Group will meet monthly to share coffee, cake and conversation.