Roslyn Lodge - A Message From The Chief Operating Officer

Roslyn Lodge – A Message From The Chief Operating Officer

In my 20 years working in the industry and 12 years as an assessor, I have not seen an Aged Care Quality Assessment team as excited about what they heard, saw and experienced at Roslyn Lodge this week!

Dinner time at Roslyn Lodge dining room
Dinner time at Roslyn Lodge dining room

They were blown away by the environmental changes and the compliments received from the staff, relatives and residents.

The “cottage” lounge diner
The “cottage” lounge diner

The residents and family representatives said they were very happy and that the staff are wonderful. Staff said they were happy, felt well supported and were thrilled with the physical changes to the home, and residents are happy and calm.

Georgie Nicetin
Georgie Nicetin clearing, and adding colour. We love your work Georgie!

Residents said that the food is now the icing on the cake rather than the focus. The Assessors commented on the dining atmosphere and how beautiful it is.

Presbyterian Church service
Presbyterian Church service with lovely volunteers, morning tea in resident activities, staff training room

On behalf of Beaumont Care, I’d like to thank and congratulate everyone who contributed to this outcome in some way, shape or form- and there are a lot of you ! Thank you all for making the lives of our residents so incredibly better, and for your part in saving Roslyn Lodge!

Story by Gerri Donaldson, Chief Operating Officer – Beaumont Care