“Many Hands make Light Work”

Ash and some residents from Wamuran Park Home lend a helping hand at Rothwell Aged Care Service

Over the past weeks, Rothwell Aged Care Service has been a hive of industrious workers who have been making the facility sparkle.

Every day there has been changes made to the facility and the residents have engaged in viewing and critiquing the changes to their home which have included:

  • Painting of the hallways in a gorgeous pale apricot with white door frame trim
  • Repairs to the showers and toilet areas
  • Painting the Courtyard with various colours to create an interesting design and to include a bubbling water feature
  • Purchase of comfortable furniture
  • Remodelling the Activity Area to provide a quiet and private area for residents and families
  • Creation of additional storage space to ensure that equipment is safely stored
  • Purchase of numerous bright and engaging paintings

The residents love their new surrounds and have found all the activity very exciting.

Next on the agenda for improvement is painting of the residents’ room doors in different colours.  What a wonderful patchwork of colour this will be and so fabulous for our dear residents who will be able to easily identify their own rooms.


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