Maintenance Man Ben's Passion
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Maintenance Man Ben’s Passion

Maintenance Man Ben's Passion

Rothwell’s Ben Weeks is a treasure! He likes to spend some of his spare time at home, doing wonderful things for Beaumont Care’s Rothwell residents, by completely revitalising this forlorn table, which was weather-worn and had outlived its purpose.

Ben has breathed new life into it by painstakingly rubbing it back and with expertise electrifying a border edge into it, engraving the company logo, and adding our signature balloon in colour. It has then had 7 coats of lacquer to seal it, refitting of the legs, and it is back in service in the family room for all to enjoy at Rothwell.

We can’t thank you enough Ben, it is now a legacy piece of crafted furniture to be lastingly treasured by us all.

Story by Linda Beaumont