Lisa Curry AO Promoting Hairdressers With Hearts!
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Lisa Curry AO Promoting Hairdressers With Hearts!

Beaumont Care is proud to be associated with Sonia Colvin and her wonderful initiative – Hairdressers with Hearts. Today we went along to the Bribie waterfront to meet Olympian swimming sensation Lisa Curry and a team of Sonia’s supporters – hairdressers, media, federal, state and local members to promote Hairdressers with Hearts.

Lisa Curry AO Promoting Hairdressers With Hearts!

Lisa is a big fan of Sonia’s work, and has watched an idea germinate into a high-profile assistance program of information and support to those who are seeking guidance. Sonia is a go-getter, she believes passionately in helping others working tirelessly. She wants to get the word out there that there is an avenue of help available.

Hairdressers with Hearts is growing, attracting donations, has a website and would love your support on the Facebook page, especially all the hairdressers and barbers of Australia!

Hairdressers with Hearts supporting those facing family and domestic violence, including elder abuse, by harnessing the safe and trusted environment of a hairdressing salon and barber shop to provide information and support for clients to access the right services and the right advice at the right time.

We do this by utilising the unique advantage of being licenced to touch hair. This allows a close and trusted relationship to develop between a hairdresser/barber and client. Because of the bond that is created, a hairdresser/barber is often confided in by clients. Hairdressers with Hearts take a proactive approach by providing appropriate training and the necessary resources to assist victims who confide in their hairdresser/barber.

On the Bribie Island foreshore today Beaumont Care took the opportunity to support Sonja and her team with an added treat to meet and speak to Lisa Curry!

Pictured is promoter and friend of Hairdressers with Hearts Lisa Curry AO, Pumicstone’s federal member Terry Young, State member Simone Wilson, and Moreton Regional Councillor Brooke Savige, Linda and Ian Beaumont and Sonia’s supporters.

You can join the fundraising opportunities.

Story by Linda Beaumont