Linda and Ian’s Visit to Rothwell Aged Care

Linda & Ian with Patricia & Lilian

On Friday the 12thof July, Ian and Linda Beaumont joined the residents, resident’s families and the staff at Rothwell Aged Care for afternoon tea. Alice the Service Manager, came up with a clever way to help the residents remember Linda and Ian by making an acronym game where the Beaumont’s names were broken down into words. Robert and Lilian, niece and nephew to Patricia said it was a perfect afternoon, and that Linda and Ian were very pleasant people. Linda and Ian enjoyed mingling with the staff and residents and meeting families. There were lots of cakes and sweets, tea and coffee and the residents found it to be a very lovely afternoon. The residents got the chance to meet with Linda and Ian individually and shared their background stories. Many of the residents commented that they were very nice and friendly and offered to help staff with the clean up. Linda shared their plans for ongoing renovations with the residents and families and the Beaumonts said they had a great afternoon with everyone at Rothwell Aged Care.


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