Centenarian Project

Centenarian Project

Pat Dowdle was a participant in The Centenarian Portrait Project by Teenagers. Louise Crompton her talented teenage artist met Pat and they spent some time getting to know each other while Louise was painting her portrait for the expo that was held in Brisbane.

Louise says “It’s not every day you get to meet someone as wise, funny and, yes, as old as Pat!”

Currently 106, Pat comes across as vibrant and smart, even in the small space of time I have spent getting to know her. Inspired by her down to earth nature and good humour, I strove to create a portrait that represented her vitality. My main focus was to capture a portrait that reflects her fiery spirit. I decided to create a colourful background, using a picture of her smiling as her reference image, to be a testament to Pat’s bright nature and a celebration of her long life. I have never felt as honoured to spend time with someone as I have with my time with Pat. The experience was truly grounding in the rush of modern life it is incredibly refreshing to meet someone who comes from a time before electricity, telephones and the internet! Life is remarkable and I will always cherish the time we had together”.

Pictured is Louise Crompton and Pat Dowdle, Portrait of Pat Dowdle.

Story by Shona Murray

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