Breaking a Sweat
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Breaking a Sweat

Yesterday the residents decided to go to the Glasshouse Mountains for a morning tea picnic. We drove around taking in the beautiful scenery of our local Glasshouse Mountains and country side.

Picnic for morning tea L-R: Gina Andersson, Janice, Harry Cope, Barbara Callum, Wayne Bishop, Ray Tetley, Alan Coye, Michael Sheehan, John Brand

There is a beautiful little picnic area with tables and chairs for us to utilise. We felt a bit full after cake, tea and coffee so we decided to take a scenic bushwalk down the 800m track.

Getting ready to walk the 800m L-R: Wayne Bishop, Michael Sheehan, John Brand, Barbara Callum

We broke a sweat! But it was just what we needed to warm up on such a cold winters day. We then hopped on the bus and took the scenic way home.

Scenic view, Harry Cope

Story by Kelly Maxfield – Administration, Wamuran Park Home