Beaumont Care Roslyn Lodge - Happy Birthday
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Beaumont Care Roslyn Lodge – Happy Birthday

Beaumont Care Roslyn Lodge - Happy Birthday

Roslyn Lodge residents and staff celebrated our 2nd birthday together – we know, we can’t believe it either, where did that time go!

We wanted to introduce Kacey Enoka our Service Manager to the role, and to announce these impressive additions to the team at Beaumont Care. Kacey who commenced this week, our CEO, Peter Winterflood, and Michael Goss, director of the company.

We blew out the candles and cut the cake, made by Deb our chef, a rich iced raspberry full of fruit.

Kacey has a very impressive background and is a well-practiced clinical specialist, who has made her career at both ends of the health sector, as a midwife, and in aged care and dementia. Kacey is keen to get to know the community where Beaumont Care has been continuously welcomed.

Newly legislated Standards for aged care have been rolled out across all our sites, and we and the residents, are enjoying the positive changes to enhance resident choices. We are excited to be at the forefront of delivering services and loving care to all. Our personnel are key to all we do at Roslyn Lodge, and we have a great team of professionals dedicated to residents.

Congratulations to all. And a big welcome Kacey, Peter and Michael.

Story by Linda Beaumont. Pictured is Michael Goss, Linda Beaumont, Kacey Enoka, Peter Winterflood and Ben Whittaker Roslyn’s Clinical Nurse. Deb our Chef.