At Beaumont Care, Customers come First

“Our residents are Special, our Personnel Key” is the Philosophy of Beaumont Care.    Recognizing the importance of all staff who work in the Organization role modelling this Philosophy, education has been provided to staff who have been encouraged to identify actions which reinforce this Philosophy.

Beaumont Care also recognizes the importance of all staff ‘living’ the Mission – “To excel in care for those in need”.       At the recent education sessions, staff had the opportunity to creatively brainstorm the actions required by staff to align with this Mission.

Staff also had the opportunity to brainstorm activities required to ensure that all Beaumont Care’s customers experience excellent service, first time, every time.

Some staff feedback included:

Makes me want to do even better to assist our residents and families in the future.

Reinforces the point that we are a service provider selling our product to residents, families and agencies.

Positive outlook for the future of Beaumont Care

Gave awareness for me as to what is expected from me in my position for customer service

I learned a lot about how to provide the best customer service


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