When Peace of Mind Means Everything

The caring attitudes of staff is something Managers hear a lot throughout all Beaumont Care Homes.

Living in a happy, kind, secure and safe environment which is offered by our Rothwell Home is paramount for our residents who have special needs. This in turn provides peace of mind to family and friends.

Beaumont Care Rothwell has an enviable reputation when it comes to caring for those who have specific health needs. Meeting residents’ specific needs is the staffs daily commitment. Surpassing expectations for residents and relatives alike is the goal. This has ensured that Rothwell has a respected place in the minds of local Queenslanders.

Many health professionals, whom we see daily, comment that they always feel welcomed by the kind and caring staff, evidenced by staff interactions and responses to residents.

Rothwell Celebrations
Australia Day Celebrations at Rothwell

Expert care for residents with dementia and memory loss

Rothwell provides expert care for residents with dementia and memory loss. The Staff specialise in supporting these residents to maximise their choice and decision making with specialist knowledge in dementia care and memory support.

Competent and caring staff are key to Rothwell’s success. Rothwell has a wonderful group of men and women who, with the Service Manager, take the time to ensure healthy and nutritious mealtimes, that training is promoted, and that staff are recognised and valued, individually and as a Team. Many of the staff have completed Certificate level training in supporting residents who have Mental Health challenges.

Pets accepted in the community

The Home encourages residents to bring precious, loved items with them and, where they can, to decorate their room to their liking, assisted every step of the way by the friendly staff. Staff also generate activities and social opportunities in an accepting, understanding and loving community, including accompanying residents on weekly bus outings. Pets are an important component of Rothwell’s caring approach and are welcomed to move in with their owners who come to live at Rothwell.

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I think we should praise the care facility staff who look after our loved ones well. Thumbs up to Beaumont Care Kippa-Ring for looking after my mum and now my aunt Josie. We know Jo is cared for when we can't be there and Jo is so happy. The staff smile and make us feel like Josie has a place to call home. Thank you Beaumont Care!

Sue Suchoki

Beaumont Care


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