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2015 Service Awards Evening

This night of the year is one of the happiest for management and staff at Beaumont Care.  It is in recognition of service to the company.

This year 5, 10, 20, and 30, years’ of service was recognised at a night of celebration at a partnered event, again this year at Morgan’s Function Centre, with spectacular views over the Scarborough marina.

To achieve recognition for work commitment, loyalty, devotion to residents, and respect for your fellow colleagues, is no small thing.

Each and every recipient can be proud that they have achieved their service pin for the work they do daily at their facility.  This means coming to work with an obligation to succeed in their field, to conduct themselves proudly with the dedication to a company that has pledged to assist them with their careers, to achieve, to continue learning, and to be happy and fulfilled at work.

Our Managers presented to personnel:

Beaumont Care (Presented by Samantha Walker)

Tanja BARRI 20 Years


Wamuran (Presented by Kathy Bryant)

Suzanne HICKEY 10 Years


Redcliffe    (Presented by Enrica Giaroli)

Tulasi KHANAL 5 Years
Helen KIRKWOOD 5 Years
Katrina RUSSELL 5 Years


Rothwell    (Presented by Alice Satterthwaite)

Suwarmi CHAND 5 Years
Nitu KARKI 5 Years
Margaret NGCWABE 5 Years
Theodore REQUINA 5 Years
Elizabeth STARKEY 20 Years


Peninsula   (Presented by Kathy Bryant)

Louisa EKEPATI-LEILUA 10 Years
Linda BUCHANAN 30 Years