Our Story

Beaumont Care is Australian family owned and operated, catering to high care and low care supported needs.

A sanctuary of support and care

Helping our residents find joy and meaning in every day is a priority for everyone working with us. Our personnel know they are the key to extending attentive and warm-hearted care to every resident, and peace of mind for families and friends.


Life tailored to you

We treat all our residents as individuals, with feelings and opinions. We encourage everyone to enjoy activities and hobbies, make new friends and try new things, maintain cherished relationships and spend time with those they love.

Independence, reassurance and support

With just the right level of individual assistance, Beaumont Care opens the door to contentment, connection, kindness, sharing, independence and choice.

PWamuran Other Unedited-97_JOSIE

I think we should praise the care facility staff who look after our loved ones well. Thumbs up to Beaumont Care Kippa-Ring for looking after my mum and now my aunt Josie. We know Jo is cared for when we can't be there and Jo is so happy. The staff smile and make us feel like Josie has a place to call home. Thank you Beaumont Care!

Sue Suchocki, Josie (pictured)