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Facts You Should Know

From 1.7.15, the cost to access a subsidized community care service and package will increase for those persons who are deemed by the Government to have the financial capacity to pay.  Your income and financial assets will be taken into account when your fees are calculated.   If you have a partner, your combined income and financial assets will be taken into account in the calculation of fees.


These caps are indexed.

Once this cap is reached, you cannot be asked to pay any more income-tested care fees until the next anniversary of the date you first began receiving aged care. Your service provider can still ask you to pay the basic fee.

Providers of Funded Packages

Providers of funded packages usually charge 17.5% of the single pension, regardless of the care and services which the older person requires.   They are able to charge only 17.5% of the single pension because the Government subsidizes some of the cost of providing the packages.

These providers are usually constrained by guidelines regarding the care and services which can be accessed via a funded package.     Other constraints include the fact that these providers usually have many clients and they may be unable to schedule visits to suit each person’s preferences.

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Beaumont Care community services are different for the following reasons:

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