Bee Gee Way
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Bee Gee Way

Having morning tea: L-R Bill Scott, Harry Cope, Ray Tetley, Clarrie Verrall, Barry Hampstead, Alan Coye, Doug Eden


First we drove to Scarborough Park for morning tea and watched the cargo ship sail by. Then it was back on the Beaumont coach to Bee Gee Way in Redcliffe.

Bee Gee Way: L-R Barry Hampstead, Ray Tetley, Doug Eden, Bill Scott, Alan Coye, Clarrie Verrall, Harry Cope


Everyone enjoyed the stories and pictures of the Bee Gees and how they started in Redcliffe and became famous worldwide. On the big screen Barry Gibb was talking about song writing – that was it – everyone sat down to listen to his story and video clips!

Story by Kelly Maxfield – Administration, Wamuran Park Home