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Sweetie the Resident Dog

Sweetie going for a ride around the facility with one of the residents

We now have a new resident dog Sweetie who is a silky terrier and oh so cute.   She was owned by a former resident.

One of our assistants in nursing is now looking after Sweetie. When Sweetie isn’t here at Peninsula, she loves spending time with two other dogs playing and running around her other home.   Of course, she is the boss of these two male dogs and lets them know this in no uncertain terms (or should I say growls).

Sweetie spends her day roaming around the facility and making great bonds with the residents. She’s already got a few favourites with whom she spends time – as pictured in the photo.

It is a great pleasure having a pet dog and everyone is growing very fond of her.    Sweetie can be found following her new owner around the corridors except for where she stops to create friendships and bring joy along the way.

Having a pet in the facility is a great experience – the look on the residents’ faces when Sweetie is around is that of pure happiness.    Residents’ spirits are lifted and she ‘makes their day’.