Valentine’s Day at Roslyn Lodge

Valentine's Day at Roslyn Lodge

The Tamborine Mountain Senior Girl Guides visited as a Special Valentine’s Gesture. They handed out beautiful white roses to all the residents and handmade felt love hearts to the ladies for wheelie walkers. They gave the men a soap wrapped in a handkerchief.

As part of their visit the Guides were presented with a hand painted red rose in a white frame. Resident Geoffrey Stocks painted the red rose which he received last year from the Guides, and responded with a painting of the rose to show his appreciation. It was a thoughtful gesture and a big surprise to the girls who will display it in pride of place at their Girl Guide Hut on the Mountain.

Geoffrey has ‘The Geoffrey Stocks Gallery’ that daughter Kelly Arbuckle supports him with on Gallery Walk, Eagle Heights, Tamborine Mountain. Thank you Geoffrey!

Pictured are the Guides visiting resident Vida Gallo with her Valentine’s Gift. The Guides and Geoffrey.

Story by Natasha Erkkila, Diversional Therapist, Lifestyle

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