Linda Beaumont

Proprietor – Beaumont Care and Wamuran Park Home

Linda is the owner of Beaumont Care, an energetic Australian family company providing a range of care services to communities on the Redcliffe Peninsula at Kippa-Ring, Clontarf and Rothwell, Wamuran and North Tamborine. As a devoted owner in the aged care sector, Linda knows personally residents and their families and the much loved personnel who provide exemplary care and attention to all the residents in the Beaumont Care family of homes.

Linda’s operations include high and complex aged care, special needs care dementia facilities, and a rural home for the socially and financially disadvantaged. Beaumont Care has expanded to include a much loved care home, Roslyn Lodge on Tamborine Mountain, and is building a new 80 bed aged care home at Wamuran, due to open in July 2019.

Linda’s team includes a unique group of people who are uplifted and excited about the company growth, and the opportunities this presents to personnel.

Gerri Donaldson

Chief Operating Officer

Gerri Donaldson

Gerri is Beaumont Care’s Chief Operating Officer and she brings a wealth of experience.  Her role encompasses the day to day operations of Beaumont Care, management of a team of capable health professionals and key administrative personnel. Gerri is a communicator and has held the role of Residential Manager for Leading Aged Services Australia (Queensland office), the peak body for aged care in Australia.

Gerri is a qualified Registered Nurse, having completed a Bachelor of Nursing in 1993, and maintains registration with the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency as a Quality Assessor. She has completed a Masters of Business Administration. Gerri, over the last 22 years, as a registered nurse working in aged care has developed commitment to improve the aged care environment for our elderly and frail community members.  After merging her nursing experience in community care and the acute sectors, she found herself in both the private and public sectors of education. Gerri is also an assessor with the Aged Care Quality Agency.


Shelly Strathearn

Diversional Therapist Redcliffe

Hi everyone, my name is Shelly and I am part of the Beaumont Care team at Redcliffe.
I have worked in aged care for many years firstly as an Assistant in Nursing, and then as an Activities Officer.

I was then given the opportunity to study my Diversional Therapist certificate in Leisure and Lifestyle. Our department’s work together across all the Beaumont services for the best outcomes for our residents.


Kathy Bryant

Service Manager – Wamuran Park Home

Kathy has worked with the Company since 1991 and has been Hospitality Manager for 4 Beaumont Care facilities, where she excelled at streamlining and improving across all sites.  In 2014 Kathy became the Service Manager of our supported living facility Wamuran Park Home. Kathy has been instrumental in many uplifting changes within Beaumont Care.

Most of all, no matter how much we improve our buildings, our facilities consist of staff who have big hearts. A caring, understanding team is what makes each day a pleasure and we will keep on growing and caring for the elderly who need and deserve our best care and support.

Cindy Ward

Operations Support Manager

cindy-dakin2Early in Cindy’s nursing career while working in Qld Health as a newly graduated Registered Nurse, she developed a passion for aged care. Wanting to focus her career in the aged care sector Cindy balanced her working life between looking after the aged and frail in the community and in the acute sector.

Over the years Cindy has worked her way into Management as a Clinical Manager and Service Manager. More recently Cindy accepted the position of Operations Support Manager, where Cindy oversees the Quality and Clinical Care Governance of the organization.

Priya KC

Clinical Manager Peninsula

With a background of nursing in Nepal I moved to Australia on 2014 for further studies. I completed my Bachelor degree at the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba. After graduating I joined Beaumont Care in 2016 as a registered nurse where I was given every single chance to build my career. With great support of the team, I feel privileged to join the team as Beaumont Care’s Peninsula Clinical Manager.

I will utilize my knowledge at its best, and bring a difference in the life of the resident in a good and positive way. Being in aged care has allowed me fully to apply my skills, and I would like to explore this special field in depth.

Krystell Harward

Service Manager – Redcliffe

krystell-harwardAfter University Krystell started immediately in aged care as a Registered Nurse, where she was given the opportunity to assist with ACFI and Clinical Governance before being promoted to Clinical Nurse.

Krystell commenced with Beaumont Care in April 2015 at Rothwell, before transferring over to Redcliffe in September 2015 as a Clinical Nurse.  In February 2016 Krystell became the Service Manager at Redcliffe.

After spending 6 years in the Royal Australian Navy as a Writer (which includes payroll and accounts), I completed several Ship’s Medical Emergency Team Courses which I thoroughly enjoyed. This steered my career pathway to completing a Bachelor of Nursing Science at James Cook University in Cairns.

Mary Lofgren

Diversional Therapist Redcliffe

Hi all.. My name is Mary – I have been working as an Assistant in Nursing for over 30 years, nineteen of which have been with Beaumont Care. In previous years I have worked as a Diversional Therapist Assistant as well as continuing on with my nursing role.

I was recently asked if I would like to work again in this important area, and I gladly accepted. I find my position very fulfilling and enjoy working towards making the resident’s days happy and comfortable, keeping their minds and bodies as active as possible.

Tanja Barri

Finance and Administration Manager

Tanja has been a loyal employee of the company since 1995.  Tanja enjoys working at Beaumont Care because of the fabulous team and the fact that she has the opportunity to interact with residents and their families.

Tanja has a Diploma  in Accounting and a Certificate 3 in Business, the knowledge and skills of which she employs to capably manage Beaumont Care’s business accounts and payroll.

Tanja is integral to Beaumont’s excellent customer service and goes above and beyond to meet the needs of Beaumont Care’s customers.  She is twice the recipient of the Employee of the Year award.

Colleen Noble

Placement Manager

Colleen Noble“I have spent 10 months living in service facility land which has given me a greater perspective for residents, families and staff, managing Peninsula’s 80 bed service. The experience has enhanced my knowledge and skills in the Aged Care sector. I then moved into the key Placement management role in October 2017 and will take these additional management skills with me”.

Colleen joined Beaumont Care in September 2013 and was the Placement and Volunteer Coordinator until asked to lead in the service management role. In both roles, Colleen was ideal because she has a love of helping and interacting with people from all walks of life and is an organiser. Colleen assisted residents and relatives in what can be a time of stress and confusion, and she worked hard to make the transition into care for clients and family as smooth as possible.

Colleen has taken up a new title as Placement Manager for Beaumont Care, your key contact when looking for placement of a loved one in our homes.

Kelly Maxfield

Administration Assistant – Wamuran

Kelly Maxfield is the Administration Assistant at Wamuran Park Home, a home for alcohol dementia, mind mental illness, disabilities and daily support. I have been with Beaumont Care since July 2014. Before joining the Beaumont Care team in 2014, Kelly was hairdressing for 12 years, working in many salons across the Caboolture/Northlakes region as well as the UK.

I embarked on a new challenge, starting a Certificate 3 and Diploma in Accounting.  Residents and personnel attest to Kelly’s great customer service and love to help others. Kelly loves the team at Beaumont Care and all of the residents and their families.

You will see her bright and happy face with a greeting smile when you visit us at Beaumont Care Wamuran.

Krystal Davies

Operations Support Officer

Krystal DaviesKrystal is an all-rounder who has a great personality and is well suited to aged care. She is client focused, and glad to have the opportunity to work with the most wonderful residents and staff. Beaumont Care offers so much support, not just to the residents, but to the staff and families as well.

She is truly proud to be working at Beaumont Care where my previous customer service skills have enabled me to progress through different roles. Krystal has been an Administration Assistant Placement and Volunteer Co-ordinator on a relieving basis. She is now the Operations Support Officer, where she supports Cindy.

Trudy Smith

Administration Assistant at Redcliffe

Hi my name is Trudy and I’m the Administration Assistant at Redcliffe.

I love every day at the facility enjoying the challenges and helping families, residents, staff and management in the smooth running of their day.

I started my journey within Beaumont Care in 2012 where my grandad was a resident at our Rothwell facility. Spending each day helping and sharing memories with my Grandad was something I enjoyed greatly . I left my director of child care journey, and in 2013 I completed my Assistant in Nursing certification and was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to work at Rothwell.

Cheryl O’Brien

Administration Assistant – Rothwell

Cheryl is the Administration Assistant at Rothwell since 2013.  She brings 27 years’ experience working in the administrative field.  Beaumont Care has a clear vision for Rothwell and we are constantly working to improve the services that we provide.

A big part of this is listening and responding to the needs of our Residents and their families.

We understand that the decision to place a loved one in residential care is one of the hardest decisions that a family will have to make, and I can assure you that Beaumont Care will help and support you every step of the way.


Katrina Calleja

Administration Assistant – Peninsula

I started working at Beaumont Care in November 2012 as an Assistant in Nursing, which I really enjoy. I especially love spending time getting to know each of our residents who become like family. More recently I have been working in administration. I am really enjoying getting to utilise skills from previous positions I have held and also learning new ones.

The team at Beaumont Care have been very supportive of me during this time, teaching me everything I need to know to perform well. I look forward to seeing you at Beaumont Care Peninsula where you can expect exceptional customer service with a smile.

Shona Murray

Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator – Peninsula

Shona Murray, Lifestyle Coordinator, has been working at Beaumont Care – Peninsula  at Kippa-ring since 2010.    Shona has achieved her Diploma in Community Care Coordination and has learnt much through doing this study.  She is very dedicated to delivering the best care to enable each of our residents to experience a better quality of life.

Beaumont Care’s Team is very focused on providing a great education for staff to ensure that Residents receive the best possible care.  “I am very thankful to be working for such a great team.   I also enjoy spending time with my family and relaxing by the water on a weekend.”

Ian Pitkeathly

Fire Safety Adviser / Workplace Health and Safety Officer

Ian P

Ian has been working with Beaumont Care since 1996. During this time he has had a variety of roles including as a Carer at Rothwell Aged Care for 21 years, and as Beaumont Care’s Fire Safety Adviser for the past 4 years and is currently the Workplace Health and Safety Officer.

Ian’s versatility enables him to provide assistance wherever and whenever he can, and he willingly takes on new responsibilities and capably fulfils these.

Ian’s goal is to continue to assist Beaumont Care to provide a high standard of care and service to all.

Vanessa Maloney

Clinical Nurse Assistant – Peninsula

Vanessa is a dedicated aged care worker and is held in high regard by staff and residents alike. Vanessa’s happy persona and her professionalism have enhanced the day to day lives of all at Beaumont Care. Vanessa started her aged care career as an Assistant in Nursing.

Vanessa was an AIN for 10 years then decided to further her studies and become an Enrolled Nurse. Vanessa worked in Aged Care in Harvey Bay for 19 years and much to our delight applied at Beaumont Care for a position. We have been very fortunate to have Vanessa on our team and in December Vanessa accepted a position as Clinical Nurse Assistant.


Danielle Johnston

Service Manager – Rothwell

Since becoming a part of the Beaumont Care team, I have been offered endless support and opportunity to thrive in an environment where I can not only care for our residents but make a difference to the quality of their lives. I am proud to be the Service Manager of Rothwell – a special needs secure home, where I have the autonomy to put into practice my distinct skills in dementia and behaviour management. My appointment and succession from Clinical Nurse to Service Manager allows me the opportunity to bring my leadership and organisation capabilities to this service.

Going forward with the support of a team of dedicated professionals, I look forward to every opportunity to not only make a difference at an organisation level, but to give the resident’s and their families in our care a positive and satisfying experience. A career as a Registered Nurse started in a high care dementia setting where my dedication to providing this individualised type of care only strengthened.

Judd Bryant

Physiotherapy Assistant

Judd has always had a heart for the disadvantaged and has experience in disability, mental health and aged care. Judd has worked for Beaumont Care for three years as a Remedial Massage Therapist assisting in pain management and mobility working under the guidance of our Physio Team. Judd has recently been asked to join our Exercise Program as a Physio Therapy Assistant and is assisting our residents with exercise and mobility.

Judd is passionate about quality of life and the dignity for all our residents and regards it is a privilege and an honour to be employed in such a rewarding position. Judd performs a dual role for Beaumont Care at their annual Xmas Community Fair, where his popularity soars with the children. We’ll let you guess what that is.

Teresa Turner

Finance Officer

Teresa started working for Beaumont Care in 2005 as the Administration Officer at the Peninsula site. She was there until 2012 when she moved over to head office to work in the Finance Department. Teresa has completed a Certificate 4 in Accounting.

Teresa enjoys working in finance and being able to challenge herself on a daily basis, she also likes to interact with the residents and residents’ families.


Jaimee Koolstra

Finance Officer

Jaimee KoolstraMy name is Jaimee, I started with Beaumont Care in 2015 as the Administration Officer at Redcliffe. I love working in the Aged care industry and have enjoyed my time with Beaumont Care.

I have just recently changed roles and am now working at the Hub as a Finance Officer. I am very excited about my new role and hope that I can keep learning and growing within Beaumont Care.


Anne Grummitt

Leisure and Lifestyle Co-ordinator

I have been working at Beaumont Care Rothwell since 2009, firstly as an activities officer and then as Lifestyle Co-ordinator. Prior to this I was a Health and Physical education teacher for 30 years and then a physiotherapy assistant in aged care for 4 years. Our focus and commitment is to provide our residents with the very best of care and improve their quality of life though our lifestyle activities.

Beaumont Care provides excellent education for all our staff to enable us to deliver the quality of person – focused care that is in place here at Rothwell. Each of our residents has their own unique life story and getting to know them is one of the most rewarding aspects of my role. To be able to put a smile on our residents faces and enrich each day for them reaffirms why I am proud to be a part of the Beaumont Care Team.

Vamsee Tadavarthi

Physiotherapy Assistant

Vamsee started working at Beaumont Care in 2015 as a Mobility Assistant Aide. He has completed his Master of Health Services Management (Advanced) from Griffith University completing his Policies project with Beaumont Care. Vamsee is now working as a Physiotherapy Assistant.

Vamsee enjoys the Exercise Groups with the Residents across the Beaumont facilities, along with one on one therapy, setting the goals with the residents to enable them to become more independent and reduce their risk of falls. The difference experienced in mobility, agility and balance continues to delight the client, the families and our personnel daily.

Jackie Small

Advanced Practice Assistant in Nursing

Jackie is an impassioned care specialist, providing wound and medication expertise throughout  Beaumont Care facilities.  She has a wealth of knowledge and has a confident manner with residents and families.  Jacki feels extremely lucky to be given the responsibility and opportunity to focus on this important area of care for residents, and is constantly problem solving.

Jackie commenced her nursing training in 1976.  Over her career she has become expert in her field, a very successful  wound care management authority at Beaumont Care.


Janice Vidler

Coach Driver

Janice VidlerJanice started at Beaumont Care to drive Beaumont’s colourful bus for the Christmas Lights Tours in 2015. Janice with lifestyle teams, takes groups of animated and merry residents to a range of different points of interest. Some include shopping, club lunches, the beach, BBQ’s and picnics and often just a scenic drive. Parks, historical villages, birdwatching, wildlife sanctuaries, museums.

I enjoy listening to resident’s reminiscence and sometimes find we have experienced a similar lifestyle as children. Janice’s background includes driving buses, volunteering with various programs for the aged and disadvantaged adults and working in childcare.