Christmas With The College

Christmas With The College

Students from the Year 4 Vic class at Tamborine Mountain College came for a visit today. What a wonderful morning we had! Organised kindly by teacher Sam the students played instruments, read us their poems and presented us with an amazing handmade Patchwork Quilt.

The students have been working on the quilt for quite some time with a student’s Grandmother and they came to give it to us as an early Christmas gift.

The quilt has all the students names on it and is decorated with beads and elephants. The residents loved it and showed their appreciation to the students for all their hard work by giving them a small Christmas ornament to take home and hang on their tree.

It was a lovely gesture and everyone appreciated the morning and we look forward to seeing the students again in the new year.

Story by Natasha Erkkila – Diversional Therapist, Lifestyle

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