Beaumont Care Activities

Here are just a few examples of  some of the exciting things we do at our facilities:

Beaumont Care Activities

  • The outdoor activities such as lawn bowls, ten pin bowling have the residents so excited they are continually asking to have this more often and is a favourite activity.
  • A classical guitarist now plays each fortnight for a special group and the feedback is very positive.
  • The introduction of the coffee/ friendship club has proven to be a great hit and all goals for social interaction are exceeding expectations.
  • Pamper sessions for men and women are packed out, and residents are really enjoying this.
  • Residents are thrilled with the garden and outdoor landscaping.
  • Chocolate Tastings as a part of ongoing sensory stimulation. Very good response from residents.
  • A.M.F Bowling (Tenpin) continues in popularity for its friendly competition and community access.
  • Music Workshop with Helen – residents are now building their repertoire for Christmas concert.
  • Short stories/poetry group residents are enjoying Australian stories of outback life in Queensland.
  • Fashion parade by Semaya fashion had residents enjoying this in house shopping.
  • Ye Ole Brass Band entertained residents attending the concert in the courtyard.
  • The Winter themed activity was well received. We decorated the dining room with handmade snowflakes and some icicles. Clients joined in a game of throwing snow balls at the snowman, reminiscing about winters in their youth, and drinking hot chocolate and marshmallows.
  • The men’s group each Friday is proving a hit. Stephan, our volunteer, is developing a good relationship with the men and we have seen an improvement in co-ordination and concentration.
  • Sensational Senses this month focused on touch. An activity required residents to touch and feel an item and then guess what it was. The item was hidden inside a box. Residents became very involved and there was a lot of laughter and fun.
  • 12 residents participated in a lunch time outing to Morra Park, Shorncliffe.
  • Sausage sizzle for Father’s day. Residents participated in the preparation, cooking and light hearted discussion.
  • The ‘Great Aussie Pie’ celebrated. This was a real winner with our men especially who really enjoyed sharing in some meat pies.
  • International Talk like a Pirate Day. Hats and eye patches were made at craft and worn by residents and staff as we spun some pirate yarns and talked some pirate ‘speak’ There was a good attendance and staff got into the spirit which always makes for more atmosphere and fun.


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